Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Pastoral Note

Abbey Church, St. Gregory's Abbey, Three Rivers, Michigan


I'll be away from Pittsburgh and St. Andrew's from Wednesday, October 22, through Monday, October 27, on my annual Fall Retreat at St. Gregory's Abbey, in Three Rivers, Michigan. St. Andreans with a longer memory will remember that I lived in this community for a month during my sabbatical, in February of 2004.

St. Gregory's Abbey

I'm thankful that our deacon, the Rev. Jean Chess, will be available, should any pastoral emergencies arise, and that my good friends and colleagues, the Rev. John Paul Chaney (Rector of Seeds of Hope, Bloomfield) and the Rev. Dr. Norman "Chips" Koehler (Assistant Chaplain, Presbyterian Senior Care, and Assistant Rector, St. Thomas, Oakmont) will be presiding at Wednesday and Sunday morning services while I'm away.

Please know that this great parish family will be in my thoughts and deepest prayers during these days of rest and reflection.


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Anonymous said...

Pastor Robison, Just a note of thanks for havng us (Syria Highlanders) for the morning. It is always a pleasure to perform at your churh. We are always met with such warmth. Have a great Thanksgiving! Dale Brown, Piper, Syria Highlanders