Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter, 2009

Easter Communion
--Gerard Manly Hopkins

Pure fasted faces draw unto this feast:
God comes all sweetness to your Lenten lips.
You striped in secret with breath-taking whips,
Those crooked rough-scored chequers may be pieced
To crosses meant for Jesu's; you whom the East
With draught of thin and pursuant cold so nips
Breathe Easter now; you serged fellowships,
You vigil-keepers with low flames decreased,

God shall o'er-brim the measures you have spent
With oil of gladness, for sackcloth and frieze
And the ever-fretting shirt of punishment
Give myrrhy-threaded golden folds of ease.
Your scarce-sheathed bones are weary of being bent:
Lo, God shall strengthen all the feeble knees.


BabelBabe said...

I've always found it interesting that GMH started out Anglican and converted to the RC church. Somehow it makes more sense to me to got he other way...

Bruce Robison said...

I think for him there was a deep Romantic impulse. 19th Century Anglicanism was for the most part "high and dry," and to swim the Tiber was almost Byronic (he followed his mentor Newman along this path). But it certainly shaped a very rich and meaningful personal spirituality--and left us with some lovely, lovely poetry.