Saturday, June 25, 2011

Second Sunday after Pentecost

A little change of pace at St. Andrew's this summertime Sunday, as we welcome as guest musicians and "musical preachers" Deborah and the Rev. Jonathan Hutchison, who share a ministry as "Heartsounds."

What they say about their work:

Building on a promising start as winners and headliners of the 1973 Northeastern Intercollegiate Folk Festival, our musical partnership has always been central to our life together. Even with jobs, school and kids, we’ve never stopped writing, recording and performing our songs from coast to coast in coffeehouses, churches, house concerts, schools and on college campuses. You’re just as likely to find us singing at conferences, interfaith events, benefits and peace and justice rallies.

Our songs are steeped in folk, R&B, rock, jazz, gospel and classical (sometimes all at once), accompanied on guitar, flute and piano, and sung in our signature harmony.

One listener describes our music as, “exciting, moving, thought-provoking and fun”. Another celebrates, “songs so alive, you want to dance, inspiring us with their clarity, strength and imagination.”

Susy and I first met Jonathan and Deborah during the years I served as Rector of St. Paul's Church in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Jonathan had grown up in that parish and his parents, S. Duy and Edith Hutchison, and his grandmother Josephine, were dear friends of ours. Though Jonathan and Deborah had moved away by that time to their home in southern Indiana (where Jonathan served for a number of years as Vicar of St. David's Episcopal Church, Bean Blossom, Indiana), they were frequent visitors. It has been many years since we've seen them, and I'm delighted that we have this opportunity to introduce them to the good people of St. Andrew's this Sunday . . . .

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