Friday, July 13, 2012

Shore Leave

The first part of July Ye Olde Rector of St. Andrew's Church was locked into the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church as Clerical Alternate Deputy #1 in the Deputation of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  Summer in Indianapolis . . . .

We prayed, sang, worked hard, with late nights and early mornings and a good deal of fun along the way.  I'll be writing some a little later about my take on what it was all about, and Mary Roehrich, Steve Stagnitta, and I (the St. Andreans in the deputation) will plan on a presentation for the parish once we're all back in town.

The second part of July, and Bruce and Susy head up to Scituate, Massachusetts, where Susy's family has lived more or less continuously since 1650, for a little shore leave.

Thanks as always to Church Secretary extraordinaire, Joan Soulliere, and to Deacon Jean Chess, Priest Associate Phil Wainwright, Supply Priest Tim Hushion, and Pastoral Assistant Dean Byrom for holding things together while I'm gone.

We'll be at St. Luke's, Scituate, on Sunday mornings at 10--and at the beach or napping the rest of the time.  See all back home in the 'Burgh at the end of the month!


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