Friday, June 14, 2013

End of Week #3

The old joke is the real estate agent showing a young couple from Arkansas a new listing.

"I think you'll find this a house without any flaws," she says.

And the reply:

"Then what do y'all walk on?"

In any event, during the early part of the week our great crew had jackhammers in to remove the old and deteriorated terrazzo floor from the Bride's Room entry.



And by this Friday morning the subfloor was in place:

Meanwhile, this Friday morning as well a van arrived with the new hardwood flooring for the nave:

As the crew continued preparations in the church:

And as we all continue through this amazing summer of 2013 . . . .  

See you in Church Sunday morning, June 16! 

 St. Andrew's "On the Road," Hicks Family Memorial Chapel of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 

616 N. Highland Avenue, 15206.

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